Courts aims to provide the best Customer-Friendly-Service to both Cash and Credit Customers daily.

Courts flexible credit plan is made available to all working employees of both private companies as well as government department and it’s statutory corporations.

These following Credit facilities are available to customers:

30 Day Credit (conditions apply)  •
Cheque Credit (conditions apply)  •

Courts’ pay deduction scheme better known as Peim Isi Dinau Plen is PNG’s No.1 Instant Credit Plan, available to all employed individuals to purchase goods of their choice, on loan until payment is complete. It allows for;

K1.00 Deposit (conditions apply)  
take item upon instant approval of application (conditions apply)  
pay installments on a flexible fortnightly term  
have multiple credit accounts at one time  



Besides in-store sales at it’s branch locations, Courts is also committed to providing the same customers’ service throughout the country.

To reach these valuable customers, Courts has set up an Outstation Sales team who do frequent sales trip into the mining and petroleum project sites, the districts, outstations and further into the villages where possible.

For Enquiries; Contact Outstation Sales team on
Phone:  302 5866  |  E-mail:  sales@courts.com.pg


Courts has also got a team recently set up to engage in the Corporate sector. This sales team is responsible in bringing corporate clients onto the Courts’ List of Credit Customers.

The corporate team approach corporate customers with corporate incentives such as, corporate discounts, flexible credit terms and staff-discounts to it’s employees etc.

For Enquiries: Contact Corporate Sales team on
Phone:  302 5857/302 5855  |  E-mail:  sales@courts.com.pg



Service and repair usual comes after the sale of products.  Courts has setup a dedicated Centre to both service and repair all electrical items it sells to customers.

Courts has a team of qualified refrigeration mechanics and electronic technicians to attend to the growing demands of its’ valued customers.

For Enquiries: Contact Corporate Sales team on
Phone: 302 5873/302 5874  |  E-mail: servicecounter@courts.com.pg