Glassware & Drinkware

  • Takada Desktop Water Dispenser

    Takada Desktop Water Dispenser

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    Get more value out of every kina with the Takada ISB-F3 (AB) Hot & Cold Desktop Dispenser. It allows for the dispensing of room temperature, cold and and piping hot water, all from one convenient dispenser.

  • Takada Electric Thermos Pot 1.5L

    Takada Electric Thermos Pot 1.5L

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    This portable electric thermos pot boils water and keeps it warm afterwards. This product is ideal for travelling and to take along with you on vacations. It has stainless steel inner surface which ensures excellent heat retention. While carrying, the safety lock prevents accidental spillage of hot water. The indicator lights keep you informed when the water is being boiled and also when itメs just being kept warm.